Google Cloud Capacity Management Framework

I was a design manager and UX strategist for building and implementing the revamped Google Cloud Capacity Management framework. New framework has re defined to reduce human errors and increase resource allocation efficiency in the resource E2E journey . It will help Google clouds clients to get capacity ( machine, power , storage etc) easily and also  help Google to save revenue.

"Below video is a POC prototype for the revamp Google cloud capacity management framework . This strategy and framework is under implementation and because of confidentiality I can't share detail artifacts and design solutions, but I will talk about my process and my approach of building this framework"


Currently, allocation of resource not efficient because whole process is mostly based on manual work, tribal knowledge and also there is lot of toil on planner and lack of  transparency  to clients. Every process in resource E2E journey is independent and work in silo.

Major Pain Points

Road blocker which are making resource E2E journey inefficient

The main pain points which are making journey inefficient are 

I worked with cross functional team leaders and influence them to aligned with my vision of building robust, scalable and future ready framework to eliminate all above above 5 pain points need to be resolved . 

Revamped Google Cloud Capacity Management framework is divided into two sides 

Revamped Framework Principles 

There should be one data source and information sharing should be tailored to the persona

New framework will improve effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of forecasting, planing and fulfillment of resources by making one consistent information platform with logically controlled information sharing. New framework is is designed such a way that it ca be plugged into any UI

After revamping framework  fulfillment facing products experience reduction in human toil to almost 78% i.e planner don't have to have to use 18 tools , open 32+ tabs to complete one task. Also Google client can now get full transparency about their orders and can see forcaste data 

Boot strap

How to reach the north star vision

To reach to the desired fulfillment facing product experience I influenced the engineer and product leads and to follow agile process and build revamped frame work

Step 1:  Bring all tools into one product in form of iframes that way we can reduce context switching and also reduces human errors

Step2: Build  chronicle data source so that their is one source of truth

Step 3: Add automation