Hi,I'm Saurabh Srivastava

I'm a Staff Interaction Designer/Manager at Google based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the last decade, I have designed, seeded, and invented digital consumer products at Yahoo. I also have 10 defensive publications published on IP.com and 1 patent approved. 

My design philosophy  is " feel the UX not see the UX "

Currently, I am Staff Interaction Designer and Manager at Unified Fulfillment Optimization team in Google Cloud. I am lead and manage the team of designers and researchers for the product called Resource Symphony and Google Cloud Capacity . As Design Manager I hold the  responsibility for overseeing the design process for an organization and team. I am involved in setting design goals ,objectives, and ensuring that design work aligns with the overall strategy and goals of the company.  I am responsible  for guiding the careers of my team members and work closely with each of them to help them realize their full potential and grow as strong individuals.

As Staff designer I build design vision and design process . I make sure that the design meets both user needs and business goals, and that it is consistent with the company's overall design principles. I work closely with stakeholders, including product management, engineering, research, and senior leadership, to understand the product vision and user needs, and to ensure that the design is aligned with the company's overall strategy and goals. 

My Work

Revamp Google Cloud Capacity Management framework

Build framework to manage how the Cloud cloud capacity will be allocated to the cloud customer efficiently.

About me

I'm passionate about building digital products that can bring value to human life. Design is the medium through which you can build not only usable products but also help in making the world a better place to live by having empathy for users. I like to solve complex problems and I pay very close attention to edge cases from the start of the project because these edge cases can impact best cases in the long term. 

In my free time,  I play guitar or lost in the music. I am also an online fitness trainer, I feel accomplished when I see the smile on success on my client's faces.  

You can reach out to me at 100rubh.srivastava@gmail.com