Media to Commerce Strategy - Yahoo!

I was the part of the team who have been given a responsibility to build the strategy and concept of adding commerce into Yahoo portfolio. Whole program was divided into multiple projects and I am the designer for the project where my responsibility to build concept design for how to leverage Yahoo media content to drive discovery and conversion to commerce. 

I start with research. On based on research we profiled the type of online shoppers and their top intends while online shopping

Guiding Principals

How to integrate commerce in media content 

After learning about shopper types and intends, I made 2 guiding principle for successfully integrating commerce into media content.

Below is the proof of concept which I have presented to senior leaders. This concept was very well accepted and teams was formed to convert proof of concept into reality, I led unanticipated discovery and contexual analysis platform design teams

Unanticipated Discovery

This is the unique way to showing commerce information to the users while they are consuming media in traditional manner.  With this concept we make content not only consumable but also commerce, this way user don't have to do separate search for the items from the content.

Contextual Analysis platform

We have proposed the platform which will tag the text with the appropriate commerce.  Tagged text will show commerce which very relevant and personalized to user behavior, persona, habits and context. This concept received lot of positive feedbacks because in context commerce make users feel that their buys journey is complete from reseach to buying with one click.

We have presented this strategy to our CEO .During this project I learn how to successful build product from 0 to 1 . Alo I learned how to build go to market strategy.