Privacy Dashboard

I was the sole designer who led the end -to-end privacy dashboard design. Privacy dashboard is one of the solutions to the most important business goal to build user’s trust. It not only solves the user needs to have full control over their privacy, increases data transparency and data literacy but also considers business need to build a scalable and future-ready product that can adapt to existing and upcoming privacy regulations. During this time, I got the opportunity to work with various teams across the globe like privacy, legal, customer care, and many more, I also wore many hats from Individual contributors, Product Lead, and Product manager in this project. Below is a sample of my recent projects where I used product/design thinking to envision solutions for real people and business problems. Apart from these, I contributed and innovated in shaping the foundation of privacy as a product and also build a grid and design system for privacy for Yahoo.

Privacy Dashboard

Logged in and Logged out experience

Now Yahoo Privacy Dashboard provides control to logged-in and non-logged users. The goal is to build user trust and empower people rather than make them feel vulnerable

Privacy Dashboard provides full detail and control on users private and personal data in one place

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Privacy Controls

Users can control their experience

People's experience depends on their privacy choice. Challenge was how to make privacy content interesting and engaging.

To solve this, It was important to consider content as UX, so I focused on increasing content engagement and also retention.

Users have been informed about the importance of control and its impact on their experience

Delete Data & Account

Users can control their experience

We want to build user trust and the first thing to build trust is to make them feel that they have control over their data and business is not hiding anything.

To solve this, we placed delete data and deleted accounts right on the landing page. Our hypothesis was to make users feel that they are controllers of their privacy

Download Data

User can carry their data with them

As a part of build user trust, we have provided the ability to users to download their data

Users can now download all their personal data available with Yahoo regardless of where Yahoo has collected their data.


Defined illustration style for Privacy design system

I also lead a privacy design system. During this project, I defined and added illustration style in our privacy design system

This experience personally taught me the nuances of outward communication with numerous stakeholders and leadership across the company at scale on one hand, and the patience and flexibility of inward absorption and learning, on the other.