Privacy Ecosystem for EU users

I joined the Yahoo privacy team in 2018 to build a Privacy ecosystem for European Union users to comply with EU regulations called GDPR. I was the sole designer who led design from concept to production. Since then, I have led key projects in privacy by building a strong and influential design muscle in the team and a successful privacy ecosystem. Below are a set of EU privacy ecosystem product I designed and launched successfully.

Data Dashboard

May 25, 2018 . Sole Designer

Making dashboard navigation simple so that users can easily discover their personal data and privacy controls.

The challenge was in balancing between user's needs, business goals on one side, and regulatory ask on the other side. I championed this strategy which helped in launching this project successfully for users to control their privacy without getting any lawsuits.

Consent Flows

May 25, 2018 . Sole Designer

Consent flows are one of the most important UX flows. Every user in the EU market has to give consent before accessing any Yahoo product.

The biggest challenge was to design consent flow with the balance of comprehension, Transparency, and conversion.

Consent Design Process

May 25, 2018 . Sole Designer

Multiple rounds of user research are conducted in different EU countries to understand user perception and cultural impacts on user's decision-making.

Challenge was to build consent flows that have high user engagement on the onside and high conversion on another side


Consent flow

Dashboard for EU users

Mobile web

May 25, 2018 . Sole Designer

This experience personally taught me that qualitative research is very important to understand user sentiments. To really understand user's frustrations we should observe user's interaction with customer care teams.